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World of Steam

A young duelist, Lord Grey, seeks revenge for the death of his father. The world of the Duelist is more complicated than it seems.


Series Directed by: Matthew Yang King

Steve Preeg


Rosa takes her job working at her aunt’s flower shop to the underground when she begins a side business of shipping undocumented bodies to their home countries for burial.


Written & Directed by: Suha Araj

Produced by: Maryam Keshavarz & Anna Abelo

Supported by: Tribeca Film Institute

Screenshot 2022-11-08 190328.jpg

Rat King

Al (atlach-Nacha - the mechanical spider demigod) appears in battle.

Not Released Yet


Young woman named Siren invented a battery that charges from huge external cataclysms vibrations. She went to north island covered with ice and snow where Aurora shines every night to set up explosive devices and run the avalanche to charge her battery. The charged battery will help her to open a window to another world.

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